MINEFIELD.ZONE: a crossbreed between The Million Dollar Homepage, /r/place and cryptocurrency mining pool

All of this is extremely beta - it does not work on touchscreen devices, for example. Right now i am trying to figure out if people would actually use this.

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Table of contents

What is it?

The idea behind this project is pretty simple and can be summarized like this:

Mining your first pixel

Since 30.07.2020 every new user recieves 24 free pixels after creating an account (assuming that nobody in the last 6 hours created an account using the same ipv4 IP. Skip to the next section and return back if you want to get more.

In order to place a pixel you need to acquire it first. As previously discussed, it can be done by instructing your monero miner to mine at pool1.minefield.zone:5555 while using your numerical user ID as a login. Once you've solved a share (at the moment of writing these words, mining difficulty is set to 36000), your pixel balance will be increased by one, which you will be able to see at bottom-left corner of the screen:

If you don't know how to do that, continue reading this section. So, in order to start mining pixels you need to:

Interface modes and placing your first pixel

Once you've mined your first pixel, you should place it on canvas as soon as possible: remember, otherwise after 10 minutes you will lose it!

In order to do that, however, you need to learn about interface modes first. Look at the bottom right corner of the interface. You should see something like this there:

By clicking on this element of interface you can cycle through different modes of which there are three:

So, to place the pixel, do the following:

Automatic placement mode

As was previously mentioned, there is an automatic pixel placement mode, which can place pre-defined set of pixels on canvas when your pixel balance becomes larger than zero.

As far as pixel placement interface goes, it works in exactly the same way it does in "EDIT" mode, with one exception: if you right-click on one of the pixels you've placed, it will be removed from the pattern.

Note that automatic pixel placement works only if you are in other modes. If you want to stop it, you will have to wipe out the automatic pattern. That can be achieved by either right-clicking it away or by reloading page and logging in again (patterns exist only within your browsers memory, and are wiped away on reloads)


If you break those rules, you will lose the ability to place pixels on canvas.

Since i am not an unreasonable man, i will leave your ability to mine and see the amount of your pixels increase intact, though.


If you want to contact me, send an email to [email protected]